Introduction to Geometric Modeling Using Ansys SpaceClaim

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  • Module 1 - Geometry Characteristics for Structural Analysis for FEM and CFD
    • Student Handbook
    • Class Program
    • Class notes
    • 1.1 Geometry Characteristics for Structural Analysis
    • 1.2 Geometry Characteristics for Fluid Analysis
    • Files - Module 01
    • Quiz 01
  • Module 2 - General Characteristics and Operability
    • Class Program
    • Class notes
    • 2.1 Installing Ansys Student and Manipulating Project Files
    • 2.2 Discovering the SpaceClaim Interface
    • 2.3 Entity Selection Methods
    • Files - Module 02
    • Quiz 02
  • Module 3 - Generation of the Geometric Model
    • Class notes
    • 3.1 Procedures for Generating 2D Designs in CAD
    • 3.2 Presentation of the Challenge for the Generation of 2D Drawings
    • 3.3 Procedure for Generating 2D Drawings - Challenge
    • 3.4 Pull Tool
    • 3.5 Move Tool
    • 3.6 Fill Tool
    • 3.7 Blend Tool
    • 3.8 Combine Tool
    • 3.9 Description and Features of the Tree Structure
    • 3.10 Assembly Tools
    • 3.11 Procedures for 3D Modeling
    • 3.12 Procedures for 3D Modeling - Challenges
    • 3.13 Technical Drawing Sheet
    • Files - Module 03
    • Quiz 03
  • Module 4 - Editing and Fixing Geometry Problem
    • Class notes
    • 4.1 Geometry Sharing Tools
    • 4.2 Features for Importing and Repairing Geometries
    • 4.3 Partitions in Solid Models
    • 4.4 Partitions on Faces
    • 4.5 Repairing Geometries
    • Files - Module 04
    • Quiz 04
  • Module 5 - Resources for Generating Geometric Models for Numerical Simulation
    • Class notes
    • 5.1 Extraction Resources of Beam and Shell Elements from Solid Entities
    • 5.2 Procedures for Direct Generation of Surfaces from Project Information
    • 5.3 Generation of Geometry for Internal Flow Analysis by CFD
    • 5.4 Generation of Geometry for External Flow Analysis by CFD
    • Files - Module 05
    • Quiz 05
  • Final Considerations
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    • Guidelines - ESSS Virtual


Learn geometric modeling applied to simulations in the areas of Structural Analysis (FEA), Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD) and understand the basic features of the Ansys SpaceClaim software.

The SpaceClaim software provides users with tools to accelerate the preparation of the geometry for simulation, being capable of removing CAD models, extracting fluid domains, simplifying a model to beam and shell elements, among others. SpaceClaim imports the vast majority of CAD formats from the market.

Level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Access period: 180 days or 360 days for Free Pass users
Software used: Ansys SpaceClaim

To perform the proposed exercises, we suggest using the free educational license of the Ansys package (Ansys Student). The download and installation can be done at any time directly from the Ansys website.

Category: Geometry & Mesh

General info

  • Geometry characteristics for structural analysis for FEM and CFD;
  • General characteristics and operability;
  • Generation of the geometric model;
  • Editing and fixing geometry problem;
  • Resources for generating geometric models for numerical simulation.

To present the fundamentals of geometric modeling applied to simulations in the areas of Structural Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics and present the basic features of the Ansys SpaceClaim software.

Target audience

Industry professionals, students or academic professors interested in starting or improving their knowledge in simulation techniques.


The student has flexibility to attend the training at the most appropriate time of their daily journey during the active access period. The videos, texts and exercises were previously prepared, reviewed and structured, allowing the best asynchronous use.


After the full completion of the course, the student has access to an international certificate, in electronic format, proving the completion of the course with the total hours attended. The certificate is issued by the ESSS Institute, which is a world reference in the subject of Computer Simulation. ESSS guarantees the quality of the course through its experience and recognition as a reference in Computational Simulation.

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