Answers to frequently asked questions

We selected the basic information about how ESSS Virtual online courses work. The reading of this content is important so the student can easily conduct academic activities.

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1. Enrollment
The ESSS Virtual distance learning courses are open to the entire engineering community. The registration can be done at → No formal prerequisites are required for online courses. However, a grounding in basic engineering principles is suggested. If you have any question, contact our educational consultants for guidance.

Courses will be available according to the type of subscription: FreePass allows students access for 360 days, and individual courses will be available for 180 days after the enrollment date. Be sure to keep your registration on the study platform complete and updated. Your login and password can be reset at any time.

2. Access to coursework
Students can access the training whenever it’s most convenient for them.. The videos, texts, and exercises are designed to be used independently and at any time.. The courses can be accessed on several devices and platforms, such as desktops, notebooks, and apps for Android, iOS, and Apple TV.

3. Distance learning portal
The distance learning portal is exclusively dedicated to sharing information relevant to the course. The ESSS Institute uses the EADBOX platform as a tool for sharing videos, texts, software files, and images. Access is individual and non-transferable, and sharing is prohibited. We suggest that students keep their registration complete and updated. The login and password can be reset at any time.
4. Educational software licenses
To complete the exercises, we suggest the educational license in the Ansys package. The installation must be done on the student's personal computer, and the license is restricted to course activities. Using the license for commercial purposes is forbidden. If a student violates the rules of copyright ownership of Ansys, Inc., or uses an unofficial version of Ansys products, the student may incur penalties as provided by law.

5. Course questions
All technical questions related to the course must be submitted in the course forum. In this collaborative environment, questions will be evaluated and elucidated by the ESSS specialists as soon as possible.
I) In order to guarantee the best response time, requests sent by other communication channels will not be considered; and
II) The course environment should not be used for personal project questions. We suggest the use of the ESSS technical support channel, which is exclusive for clients with active support and maintenance licenses;

6. Certification
After completion of the course, the student will have earned an internationally recognized certificate showing the total hours attended. The certificate is issued by the ESSS Institute, which is recognized as an expert in computer simulation. This certificate is issued by the ESSS Institute, which is recognized as an authority in computer and computation simulation. With more than 200 employees, ESSS is the largest CAE company in Latin America, with more than 800 companies worldwide in its portfolio. The faculty includes ESSS doctors and masters-level professionals, along with invited professors with solid background in teaching, research, and consulting.